ANNA COLOM "Cayana Tablao" - Los Tarantos

ANNA COLOM “Cayana Tablao”

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Anna Colom vocals, guitars, Exequiel Coria guitar, backing vocals, Marina González dancing, Mariana Martínez dancing.

The singer-songwriter and cantaora Anna Colom, known, among other merits, for her work with Rosalía, offers us an approach to the common roots of the popular music of the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America using flamenco. Cayana, a Latin American word equivalent to “melting pot”, is the name Colom chose for the title of this project. At the Tarantos she will present “Cayana” in tablao format, that is to say, in a version orientated more towards dance and traditional flamenco, but without giving up one iota of the initial spirit of the project. The essence of true flamenco fusion comes to the oldest tablao in Barcelona.

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