BAILÁNDOTE - Los Tarantos


20 Members
20 Door

Baile: Costi el Chato and Erica Ponce
Cante: Juan Manzano
Guitar: Adán Pérez

In flamenco, the dance, the guitar and the singing inevitably lead to a torrent of emotions. The dance expresses its pain, its joy, with each tapping, with each movement; the guitar, with the strumming of the strings; the cante, with the strength of the voice. ‘Bailándote’ transmits that spirit inherent to the art of flamenco. It is also a show dedicated to a very special person, someone who is still alive in our hearts.


Instagram: @adanguitarrista / @juan_manzano17 / @ericamdansa / @azaharacantero_bailaora

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