Candy Navarrete "Caminos" - Los Tarantos

Candy Navarrete “Caminos”

17 Members
17 Door

Candy Navarreta dancer, Ana Brenes vocals, Iban Perez guitar, Cristina Blanco dancer.

A flamenco group shows in forty minutes the essence of the tablao of a lifetime. This group is led by Candi Navarrete, a dancer linked to the new flamenco scene in Barcelona, without giving up one iota of the purest tradition of flamenco dance. Navarrete has worked with artists of the stature of Chicuelo and Miquel Poveda. For her part, the other dancer, Cristina Blanco, received a few months ago the Carmen Amaya Award, one of the most prestigious flamenco dance awards. The group is completed by Ana Brenes, a singer with a portentous voice, and Iban Pérez, a guitarist specialized in dance shows, with a style that combines tradition and contemporaneity.


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