Casa Barrio - Los Tarantos

Casa Barrio

17 Members

Baile: Violeta Barrio, Ruth Quesada (16,17, 18), Juan Heredia “Nito” (19, 20) and, Conchi Jiménez (21, 22)
Cante: David Sánchez (16,17, 18) and Magda Mañe (19, 20, 21, 22)
Guitarra: Frederico Vannini “el Rana”

‘Casa Barrio’ is the name chosen by dancer Violeta Barrio to title a session in which she combines tradition and modernity through an exquisite mix of musical styles and dance forms. All this happens within the framework of a traditional tablao show. In ‘Casa Barrio’, the Catalan artist has the best of the flamenco underground in Barcelona: the very personal and exclusive voices of Julián Lorenzo, ‘El Juli’, and Magda Mañé, and the touch of guitarist Federico Vannini, ‘El Rana’ . For the dance cast, he proposes the elegance and temper of Ruth Quesada, the energy and joy of Concha Jiménez and the strength and solemnity of Juan Heredia, ‘Nito’. ‘Casa Barrio’ is an invitation to immerse yourself in a wave of feelings and emotions.

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