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Genuino & Alma y Fuego

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Monday 15, July 2024
Tuesday 16, July 2024
Wednesday 17, July 2024
Thursday 18, July 2024
Friday 19, July 2024
Saturday 20, July 2024
Sunday 21, July 2024
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Two flamenco groups come together for a unique performance!


Baile: Rebeca Monasterio · Chino Fernández (15-19, 21) · Damián Contreras (20) · Costi el Chato (15, 16, 18-21) · Jose Carmona Rapiko · Gema Amaya (17)

Cante: Carmen Amador (15-18, 20, 21) · Juan Cortés Santiago (19) · Rosario Heredia (15-20) · Lidia Mora (21)

Guitarra: Falete Perona · Eugenio Santiago (17-21) · Manuel Gómez (15, 16)


GENUINO: Flamenco is one of the most important and genuine cultural expressions of the Gypsy people. As an example, consider this ensemble, which brings together four Barcelona artists with prestigious careers in dance, singing, or guitar. On stage, the artists reveal their way of feeling this art. Passion, heart, and, above all, unique personality shape a one-of-a-kind performance.


ALMA Y FUEGO: ‘Alma y fuego’ is a flamenco show conceived from the fusion of tradition and avant-garde. The artists in this session explore the evolution of flamenco from its roots to its contemporary expression. With a vibrant staging, the power of ‘cante jondo’ blends with innovative choreographies and modern rhythms. ‘Alma y fuego’ honors the most glorious past of flamenco, but also dares to reimagine its future. Every note, every movement, tells the story of an art in constant transformation, where everything new is passionately embraced with what is considered old.

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