Karen Lugo & Juan José Villar - Los Tarantos

Karen Lugo & Juan José Villar

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Karen Lugo and Juan José Villar dancer, Raúl Levia and Joaquín ‘El Duende’ singer, Sócrates Mastrodimos  guitar, Agustí Espín bass and Pablo Gómez percussion.

Socrates Mastrodimos is one of the great players of the new generations of flamenco artists. His music is characterized by great plasticity and a diversity of colors that he expresses in each of the notes he plays. Mastrodimos accompanies a first-class cast in which we highlight the bailaores Karen Lugo and Juan José Villar. Awarded several times, Mexican Karen Lugo has performed in cycles such as “Los Novísimos”, from the Flamenco Festival of Jerez, or “Los Veranos del Corral”, in Granada, in addition to participating in the film “Flamenco Flamenco”, by Carlos Saura. Her unique style has earned her the complimentary comments of the Javier Latorre National Dance Award: “It’s the maximum beauty wrapped in the least.” For his part, Juan José Villar belongs to an important saga of flamenco artists that instilled in him the love for art: at age 8 he was already dancing in a flamenco club. From then until now, he has performed on stages all over the world and has shared tables with the best flamingos. In the Tarantos he will do it with Karen Lugo forming a tandem of authentic luxury.

Agus Espín
Joaquin el Duende
Raúl Levia
Karen Lugo
Juan José Villar
Sócrates Mastrodimos
Pablo Gómez
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