La conexión del flamenco - Los Tarantos

La conexión del flamenco

25 Members
25 Door

Baile: Juan José Villar · Gemma Amaya

Cante: Antonio Fernández

Guitar: José Andrés Cortés

‘The connection with flamenco’ brings together a group of performers who share “the same feeling in the world of art,” they explain. Juan José Villar, when dancing, has shared the stage with great flamenco figures and is currently on tour with Rosario Flores. As for Gema Amaya, she is a gypsy dancer, great-granddaughter of a cousin of Carmen Amaya and with a career that she started at the age of 16. Today she is one of the great dancers in Barcelona’s tablaos. When singing, Antonio Fernández has also shared the stage with big names in flamenco. Finally, José Andrés Cortés, on guitar, is an award-winning artist and, like his colleagues, has a long and fruitful career. “We want you to feel that special connection between us,” they say, “and to enjoy the specialty of each one of us,” they add. This is the best dance, singing and guitar.

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