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Que ni pintao

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Monday 25, September 2023
Tuesday 26, September 2023
Wednesday 27, September 2023
Thursday 28, September 2023
Friday 29, September 2023
Saturday 30, September 2023
Sunday 01, October 2023
20 Members
20 Door

Baile: Susana Escoda, Lorena Oliva (25,26,27,28,29 y 1/10) and Candi Navarrete (30/09)
Cante: Antonio de Carla
Guitarra: Rafael Fernández (25,26,27,28,29 y 1/10) and Jose Ponce (30/09).

A group of artists converge on the simplicity and codes of the most traditional flamenco to bring this art to its most contemporary expression. To achieve this challenge, the company brings together young artists, but with a long and brilliant experience.

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