Raiz & Flamenco y Poema - Los Tarantos

Raiz & Flamenco y Poema

35 Members
35 Door

Two flamenco groups come together for a unique performance!


Baile: Mónica Fernandez · Lorena Oliva (17-22) · Rebeca Monasterio · Antonio Corral (23) · Cristina Blanco · Lourdes Alcántara

Guitar: Rafael Fernández · Iban Novi

Cante:  Tare Cortés (17-21, 23) · David de José (17-20, 23) · David de la Rambla (21) · Ana Brenes (22)


RAIZ: “Like the root of a tree that strengthens the growth of its trunk and brings forth its fruit.” With this statement of principles, this group of artists rooted and consolidated in the fertile land of flamenco introduces itself. ‘Root’ brings to Tarantos a sample of the purest and most authentic flamenco.


FLAMENCO Y POEMA: Flamenco y Poema bring us to a traditional flamenco show where each of its components comes together to give it life and immerse themselves in each session in a unique experience.

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