REVIVIR - Los Tarantos


20 Members
20 Door

Baile: Olga Llorente y Elena la More,

Guitarra: Eduardo Cortés,

Cante: Juanjo de Nayeli (del 14 al 20) y Luis el Granaino (del 14 al , 9).

Revivir, although it refers to coming back to life, also brings with it the meaning of evoking, remembering what has been lived and even the idea of ​​a renewed return.

Through Revivir, Olga Llorente evokes, offers renewed emotions lived by herself, as well as by each of her musicians. From the anger of the broken dream to the deep sorrow of those who see their illusions disappear, passing through the loneliness of silence and the absence of company. But also the determination and the strength to give birth, from the deepest sadness, the germ, the seed of what will be in the future the greatest of joys.

Some feelings expressed from flamenco, where sorrow and joy coexist, as well as pain and strength. It is found in Reviving a review of what is felt, the return to life of some emotions, of Olga and her musicians, which in turn are those of those who contemplate them.

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