Solera & Intuición - Los Tarantos

Solera & Intuición

35 Members
35 Door

Two flamenco groups come together for a unique performance!


Baile: Rebeca Monasterio · Sergio Quesada · Costi el Chato · Ruth Quesada

Cante: David Pérez (24-27, 29, 30) · Laura Mateo (24, 25) · Lidia Mora (26-28) · Ana Lorenzo (29, 30).

Guitarra: Victor Rosell “Ruselito” (24-27, 29) · Adán Pérez (28) · José Andrés Cortes (24-26) · Juan Cortés (27-30)


SOLERA: Solera brings together four flamenco professionals with a long and fruitful trajectory. The artists of this group combine passion and feeling on stage, transmitting the necessary energy to make every moment a unique and exciting spectacle.


INTUICIÓN: This show tests one of the main components in any flamenco performance: intuition on stage. When the artists do not know each other, the stage presence, experience, and knowledge of the codes create this capability, making it a fundamental pillar in the execution of flamenco dance, singing, and guitar playing.

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