SOMORROSTRO - Los Tarantos


20 Members
20 Door

Baile: Karime Amaya (2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8), Joni Cortés y Candi Navarrete (6)
Guitarra: Tati Amaya
Cante: Abraham Jimenez

Karime Amaya presents ‘Somorrostro’ in Tarantos, a show that takes its name from the old Barcelona neighborhood where her great-aunt, the famous Carmen Amaya, universal genius of flamenco dancing, was born. ‘Somorrosto’ is also a vindication of the purest origins of the art of flamenco. Karime Amaya’s mix of gypsy and Andalusian roots make her dance a show full of strength, elegance and personality.

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