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Sin Riendas & Naturalmente Flamenco

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Dos grups de flamenc es reuneixen per a una actuació única!


BaileIsabel Santiago · Kike “el Indio” · Costi el Chato (10-12, 14-16) · Damián del Singla (13) · Rebeca Monasterio (12-16) · Gema Amaya (10, 11)

Cante: Juan Manzano Manzano · José de la Miguela

Guitarra: Falete Perona (10, 12, 13, 15, 16) · Francisco Jesus Diaz (11, 14) · Miguel de Aguilera (10-13, 15, 16) · Óscar Soriano (14)


SIN RIENDAS: They are young and come from the most authentic environments, where they learned to master flamenco without additives or half measures; where the wildest, most experiential spirit of this art is expressed in its fullest, and no one can stop it, even if they try. That’s why the show they present at Tarantos is called ‘Without reins’. It’s about interpreting “flamenco of today,” they say, “which in reality is not different from the past,” they warn.


NATURALMENTE FLAMENCO: Rebeca Monasterio is leading this week. A bailaora and teacher from Barcelona, now residing in Tarragona, she is one of the most renowned bailaoras in Catalonia, with a 20-year career to her credit. This time, she is accompanied by Costi El Chato on dance and rhythm, Miguel de Aguilera on guitar, and the cantaor José de la Miguela. Together, they will be an explosion of strength and energy, both on and off the stage.

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